Welcome to Larron's Traditional Slings

 Caution:  Slings are dangerous weapons and utmost caution must always be observed . Destruction of property, accidental injury and death can occur.  

A while back I was searching the internet for slings and information on them.  To my surprise I found very little about this long-lasting weapon let alone sites that sold them.  This intrigued me because there are plenty of other sites that sold traditional weaponry such as knives, daggers, swords, bows, blowguns, etc.  As the search continued, it brought me back to my teenage years when my only option for this versatile tool was to make one myself.  And that is what I did back than.  Seeing that those slings were long past due to be replaced and upgraded I decided to make myself another one.  

While beginning to make a new sling, I could not stop at just one.  As with most weapons, I usually have to have more than one.  Not only that, but the options became endless and I found myself coming up with different designs and options.  As result I decided that others, like myself who love danger and adventure, may want a nice-looking sling.  For those who have been a long-time slinger or for those just getting into the action I hope you find this site helpful. 

Despite the significance of the sling throughout history it remains somewhat ignored.  To the left is a depiction of a Balarean slinger reknown for their slinging skills.  It was not uncommon for them to carry two or more slings of varying lengths.   Above is pictured Assyrian slingers in their assault on Lachish, a Jewish city during a siege 700-692 bc.     

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