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The Shepherd Boy Jr:

   This is the youth starter model that is based on the regular Shepherd Boy.  It is made of  suede leather that gives the pouch the characteristic to conform naturally to the desired ammunition.  The basic design is a rectangular shape with four nickel eyelets for added strength.

Price: $15

The Shepherd Boy:

   This is the economic model, but do not let the price fool you.  This sling's plain look is made up by its superb balance,  performance and it ability to be concealed.  It is made of  4-5oz vegetable tanned leather that gives the pouch the characteristic to conform naturally to the desired ammunition.  The basic design is a rectangular shape with rounded corners and four nickel eyelets for added strength.  In addition to strength, the added benefit of four eyelets is stability when slinging larger or odd-sized shape objects.   Nylon cord is selected because of its strength and resistance to the elements including UV rays for the retention and release cords.  This sling is ideal for any situation or purpose.  You will not be disappoint in this selection. 

Price: $15

The Praetorian Guard:  This model is of the same rectangular design as the Shepard Boy and also uses 4-5 oz vegetable-tanned leather for its pouch.  This model allows customized stamping designs and elegant leather carving to be completed on your sling.  Again with the base model the cords are of nylon cord, however they can be upgraded to leather.  Vegetable-tanned leather allows for various shades of stain including two-tone style or even paint.  For example, the basic design can be dyed or painted one color and the rest another.    Another option would be to personalize initials on it.  

Price: $25

The Balearian:  This model is for the serious slinger who likes a sophisticated-looking sling.  As with previous models it is designed from a single piece of leather for strength.  However, with this model the cords are connected to the pouch by nickel-plated steel loops.  The loops are held firmly with nickel-plated steel screw posts in the leather pouch.  The screw posts can be undone and the sling completely disassembled for cleaning.  The base option on this model include 4-5 oz vegetable-tanned leather.  The leather stamping and carving options are almost endless with this model. 

Price: $30  

The Benjamite:  A model designed in honor of the Tribe of Benjamin as stated in Judges 20:16, "Among all these soldiers there were seven hundred chosen men who were left-handed, each of who could sling a stone at a hair and not miss." It has a similar design as the Balearian but instead of loops, eyelets are used to attach the cords to the pocket.  This creates a similar feel when being used.  It also has nice surface area to hand carve and stamp designs into the pocket.  The width can be 2 to 2 and 1/4 inches. 

Price: $25


The Crusader:  An impressive looking model that uses the basic shape of the Balearian pouch. Additional features included on this sling are chrome-plated metal spikes on black dyed leather, your choice of a skull & crossbones or red cross design, and leather cords.  User beware metal spikes can be dangerous. 

Price: $35

The Trojan Horse:  This model is what you get when you cross a bracelet with a sling (aka the Bracesling).  It is designed for the covert situation.   No one, will even know you are armed and dangerous.  The sling is made of the primary bracelet (pouch) portion with another leather strap to keep it secured on the wrist.  The base option on this model includes 8-9 oz vegetable-tanned leather.  Again with this model stamping and carving options are almost endless.  Some people prefer placing their name on this one.  Simply carry two strands of paracord in your pocket or just use your shoe strings and you are ready to go. 

Price: $35 


The Peltist:  Developed for long range distance.  This is the same design used in the Shephard's Boy but reduced to a fraction of the size.  The size reduction minimizes wind resistance and drag, therefore increasing centripetal force.  Pocket width is 1.5 inches while length can vary from 4 to 5 inches (but remember shorter the faster).  The size of the pocket accommodates 3-5 oz egg shaped lead ammo perfectly.  This is a must in any slingers arsenal. 

Price: $20


Pharaoh's Curse:   Designed after slings found in Egypt, specifically in King Tutankhamen's tomb.  This is our a non-leather design.  This model is completely braided.  This means the cords are woven into the pouch.  This gives added strength to the design.  The pouch is chevron-shaped and accommodates 3-4 oz egg-shaped lead sinkers quite nicely.  Objects larger than a golfball do not fit as well in this pouch.

Price: $100


*Shipping and Handling for Slings is $2.00 with in the lower 48 states.

Pricing on some slings may vary depending on the complexity of your design.


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