Maintenance:  Your sling has been made with the best products available. Just like a pair of nice leather boots or other garments, your sling should last many years.  The sling pouch requires little maintenance because of the outer finish.  If it ever becomes soiled simply wipe it off with a damp cotton cloth.  The leather finish is a acrylic-based water repellent, flexible agent with a gloss appearance.  This will give your sling durability in rough conditions while preserving the leather design.  However, you should avoid subjecting it to excessive water or moisture as this may affect the carving and stamping on the leather.  Cords, whether they are leather or nylon will have to be replace periodically depending on how much you sling.  The best way is to go to the local hardware or discount store and buy some nylon rope or leather shoe laces.  I find myself replacing my cords about every 2-3 months.    

Initial Break-In:  Your sling will require an initial break-in period before it performs to its optimum.  At first vegetable tanned leather can be stiff.  I like to break mine in slowly without creasing it down the middle.  This can simply be done different ways.  You can slowly curve the leather into a rounded fashion without excessive movements.  Additionally, you can find a nice oval shaped rock and place it in the pouch.  Then wrap the cords around it and place it in your pocket of your pants.  You will be surprised what 30-60 minutes in your back pocket will do for it.  Be sure to check on it periodically to ensure it is conforming nicely to the rock.  Another methods is using a sponge lightly damponed with water.  Take the sponge and run it over the inside of the pouch.  The rubber cement from stamping will slightly repel the moisture so this method is best done after slinging a dozen rough stones from it.  Finally, slinging and slinging will break-in your new sling.  Each time you change out old cords, the new ones will require a break-in period.   This requires you to get busy slinging.  

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